Med Couture, Inc. offers the absolute largest selection of nurse scrub dresses and skirt suits that you'll find anywhere. These dresses and skirt suits come in classic, bright white and offer beautiful details that will make you look and feel perfectly polished and ready to take on the day. You'll appreciate Med Couture, Inc. crisp, comfortable fabrics and lasting durability. 

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Med Couture 1203 Abigail Dress
Style: 1203
Med Couture 1256 Alice Dress
Style: 1256
Med Couture 1233 Cathy Dress
Style: 1233
Med Couture 1235 Christy Dress
Style: 1235
Med Couture 1277 Diana Dress
Style: 1277
Med Couture 1205 Esther Dress
Style: 1205
Med Couture 1255 Mary Dress
Style: 1255
Med Couture 1165 Natalie Dress
Style: 1165
Med Couture 1282 Penelope Dress
Style: 1282
Med Couture 1262 Sophia Dress
Style: 1262
Med Couture 0248 Priscilla Dress
Style: 0248
Med Couture 1262 Sophia Dress
Style: 1262
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