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Uncommon Threads features a full line of headwear and neckwear for chefs and other hospitality professionals. You have a great selection of beanies, chef hats, skull caps and neckerchiefs to top off your uniform. All hats and neckerchiefs are designed to be comfortable as well as functional, with great features like velcro closures, elastic backs and mesh inserts to keep you cool.


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Uncommon Threads 0156C Beanie
Style: 0156C
Uncommon Threads 0100 Chef Hat Poplin
Style: 0100
Uncommon Threads 0150 Chef Hat Twill
Style: 0150
Uncommon Threads 163 Epic Beanie
Style: 0163
Uncommon Threads 0157C Kool Beanie With Mesh
Style: 0157C
Uncommon Threads 0162 Kool Scull Cap
Style: 0162
Uncommon Threads 0175 Neckerchief
Style: 0175
Uncommon Threads 0155C Scull Cap
Style: 0155C
Uncommon Threads 0159 The Uncommon Beanie
Style: 0159
Uncommon Threads 161 Uncommon Beanie w/Mesh
Style: 0161
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