Men's LAPD Navy T-11 Gabardine 100% VISA® System 3 Polyester Trouser

Item Code: UD39900

Manufacturer: Fechheimer


Trousers are available in a broad choice of styles, colors and weaves. They're defined by "T" styles that determine the pocket and belt loop options we offer in both Men's and woMen's sizes. Many features are built into each trouser. Not only for a more professional appearance, but for strength and durability.

  • 12-12.5-oz. Gabardine weave
  • Quarter top pockets
  • 3/4" wide belt loops
  • Cargo pocket on right side with hidden cell phone pocket inside cargo pocket
  • Security tab on left hip pocket
  • Exclusive Freedom Fit® II waistband with 2-zone stretch comfort
  • Lintrak creases for neater appearance
  • Watch pocket

Color: LAPD Navy


Waist Price

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